How to print wirelessly from phone to PL70e-BT


1.Normally, Bluetooth is available in 5 meters distance, make sure phone and printer as close as possible and less than 5 meters.


1. Search for "Shipping Printer Pro" on App Store or Google Play and install.

2. Allow app access "Bluetooth" "Location" permission for connecting printer.

3. Click on "Not connected" to search for printer.

4. Click on "PL70e-BT_xxxx" to connect, xxxx may differs on printer.

5. Click on "File" to browse files (PDF only).

6. Click on file to open.

7. Slide down and set Paper width, Paper height.

8. Click on "More settings" to adjust density and speed, click on "Confirm" to continue.

9. Print print icon to print.

10. If received from other app, open file with "Shipping Printer Pro" to print.