How to set up PL70e-BT on Mac (USB)

Before installation, power on the printer and connect it to the computer via USB cable. There is an adapter for type-c port for computer with type-c port only.

1. Browse the included U-disk or go to , download driver file and install

2. If it shows "The application can't be opened", go to "System Settings"-"Privacy & Security", slide down and click on "Open Anyway"

3. Install by steps.

4. Go to "System Settings"-"Printers & Scanners", click on "Add Printer, Scanner, or Fax..."

5. Select "PL70e-BT", select "PL70e-BT" at use, then click on "Add"

6. Open PDF label files (it's suggested to use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC), set page size as "4x6 inch/ 100x150 mm", set Scale as "Fit to paper", then print