The app is unable to locate the printer.

If the printer does not appear within the app, try the following:

1). Power on the printer. If the printer is powered on, the indicator will display a steady green or blue light. Note: The indicator will slowly flash green while charging. To confirm if it is powered on, temporarily disconnect the charging cable.

2).Print out a self-test page and confirm if it has a MAC address. To prepare the printer for printing, make sure the label paper is inside the tray and pull the first full label out so it protrudes from the printer when you close the paper tray cover. Press the power button two times to have the printer retract the label to the starting position. Press the power button once to print the self-test page. If the MAC address is missing, contact customer service.

3).Enable Bluetooth on the phone. If you are using an Android, you may need to enable Location as well.

4).Check to see if “P21” appears on the list of available Bluetooth devices on the phone. If it does not appear, but it is connected to other devices, you will need to disconnect a device before proceeding. The printer can connect with 5 devices simultaneously. You can also try restarting the printer, disabling then re-enabling Bluetooth, restarting the app, and restarting the phone.

5).If the printer is not connected to any other device and does not appear on the list of the phone’s Bluetooth devices, reset the printer’s Bluetooth and the phone’s network settings. If this does not resolve the issue, contact customer service.

 How to reset your mobile network (Samsung)

① Open the “Settings” app.


②Scroll down and select "General management".


③Scroll down and select “Reset”.


④Select "Reset network settings" followed by "Reset settings" to proceed.


⑤Click on "Reset" to confirm. The reset is complete when the following prompt appears at the bottom of the screen: "Network settings reset."